Denis talks to Marc Bergevin

Note: This was the final post from the last day of the original Disqus blog page “The Hockey News Chat” which was originally a discussion group for the hockey magazine “The Hockey News“. The Hockey News had changed over their comment section from Disqus to a Facebook plug in. Since most of us were not school girls, we did not have Facebook, so this original page was set up so that us more “mature” readers could still show the world how clever we were, and such expertise in hockey. It is re-posted here out of a sense of nostalgia. I do truly miss all that ever came here, and especially the regulars.


As it seems all of this ends on Sunday, I thought I’d take time to thank everyone who comes here, and all who have visited over the years. Those that no longer show, and those that are more recent.

A little history: Years ago, a bunch of Disqus loonies would horrify the hockey pages of The Toronto Sun. Well, sadly, the ‘wild-west’ nature of the comments sections seemed too much for Post Media, and they switched to a Facebook plug-in. While communicating via posts, or mails, a guy in Nova Scotia (something “Blue” yadda) mentioned that Dave (Crappler) had started a channel.

So, I populated that site with ALL of the original posts, using the format and layout I used here. Same as here, it was three posts a day. I even wrote a thread on how to post a thread and how it should be formatted, with layout help. With every thread, Jimmy (Harry Ballsack) would immediately recommend the thread and initiate the comments. Jimmy REALLY got the locals going, and was the driving force behind popularizing that channel.

Well, Dave, and to an equal effect, his idiot friend TR, ruined that. One night whilst on the phone, Jim and I started the new site. Jim started up the channel and HE named it! (lol). The pair of us worked our magic, as we had done with the earlier place. Eventually, however, I felt it became a right-wing chat room, and I left. Jimmy, to his credit, tried to transfer the channel ownership to me, but I refused. ‘Phaneuf Sucks’ was an extension of Jim, and should stay his alone.

So, after a couple of false starts, The Hockey News Chat came around (in great part because The Hockey News was going Facebook comment plug-in, too). Locker (formerly Locker18!) was one of the first I met, and he was the opposite of me. Not a whack job! lol. So I made him a mod and e-mailed him the channel password. Lucky (JetsAllTheWay) was the next mod. He kept swearing. It was easier to make him a mod, than approve his posts.

Next, Locker made Jean Doucette and nhguy mods. To this day, nhguy is the only mod who has not deleted one of my posts. He is my favourite. As a matter of fact, I think I’m the only poster to ever have a post deleted. Bastards (except nhguy).

Over the years, many have come and gone. Locker remembers them all. “Disqus 3409ut4ioeoi”, or whatever (the winner of the play-off pool) is a long timer. Vanny NoNames dubbed him “numbers”.

Which brings me to this; I have truly liked all that have visited here, and enjoyed doing this for you all. The current crop of regulars are great, and I hope you all stay. Deep down, my fave was always Vanny NoNames, and I miss the Antopedian nutjob.

I hope you all stay and continue coming to the new web page. The web site is going to have a wee change from what you expect. There shall only be two posts per day. The four newest posts will appear on the home page. All articles will appear as links on the second page. All links are linked to each other, and open as new pages. No getting lost.

Sadly, as it is a web page, currently only I may post threads. However, mailing me or the other mods with suggestions will work for the time being.

Hope you all keep coming, and recommend your friends to:….

Since it seems this is the final blow up to this channel, enjoy!


Thanks, everyone. Andy.