Friday Quiz

Sick of crap hockey news, and covid-45, it’s time to

move on with life and have a quiz.

Grab your gin and tonic, and let's go!

Grab your gin and tonic, and let’s go!

Finally! This week, in honour of this being a hockey site, presents “An actual hockey related Friday Quiz”. Below, we present three players. For these three players, there is one main question, and numerous smaller bonus questions:

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Okay, as previously discussed, this IS a hockey site so this week, we shall have a real hockey quiz. So, keeping that in mind, the main question shall be NHL based: “Who are they, and what do these three players have in common?” 

The real question is worth ten points, and they will be awarded to the first correct answer. There are three bonus questions; all of them are “What do these three have in common?” Now, obviously, they all have in common that they play in the NHL. That is not one of the bonus questions. The bonus questions are worth five points each. Two of those questions are NHL related. The third bonus question may be answered with the help of this clue:

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Right … correctly answer the real question to earn the envy and admiration of the few who still come here. Get ten points. Answer the three bonus questions. Earn five points per question. BUT! It does not stop there! As soon as the (real) quiz is solved, there will be two related photo bonus rounds of the same format! Also, every day the main question is not answered, a new clue shall be posted.

So the points distribution is 1) 10  –  2) 5  –  3)5  –  4)5
Every day the quiz is not answered, a new clue will be posted.

When the quiz is solved, two more photos shall be posted with the same points structure. Next Friday the winner shall be announced. Good luck.