What do these guys have in common? 

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The following is a list of people who have ONE thing in common. Now, I have to admit that I had to goggle the baseball players, and they are listed here so we don’t get ‘they are all hockey players’, or ‘they are all Canadian’, or ‘they all wish they were Scots’.

Now, the protagonist in this riddle was an American, but all the “Having in common” took place in Canada, and only Canucks will get the answer (if any of them ever do). I shall bump this for three days, and provide a new clue every half day or so. The new clues will be in the body of the post (here). So, here we go:

Gordon “Red” Berenson
Johnny Bower
Stan Mikita
Gordie Howe
Ferguson Jenkins
Roger Maris
Eddie Shack
Ted Williams

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Say yippee! for clue number three.
The following chaps are also on the “have in common” list.

Alan Hale Jr. (The Skipper)
Merlin Olson
Slim Pickens
Ben Johnson (actor)

Clue number four.

Clue number five!