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Reggie Dunlop
Slap Shot (1977)Charlestown Chiefs Player/Coach

It can’t be disputed that Paul Newman is one of the greatest actors of all time, but for many of us, nowhere was he more entertaining than when he was Reggie Dunlop, the player/coach of the Charlestown Chiefs.

With a lot of snow on the roof of his mid-40’s body, Dunlop was clearly in the winter of his playing career, but his youthful (juvenile?) antics on and off of the ice were balanced by his shenanigans to do whatever he could to keep the Chiefs afloat in the town where the mill’s closing spelled doom for the hockey team.

Like any great athlete, Dunlop didn’t quit.  When he got news that the news that the team was in fact going to fold, he made up a fictional buyer in Florida and with the acquisition of the Hanson Brothers, stumbled upon a goon style of hockey that packed the building.

Dunlop’s ploy didn’t work, as the Chiefs owner was content to fold the team even though the organisation became hot, but they did win the Federal League, albeit by forfeit.

The last we saw Reggie Dunlop he was set to ride north to Minnesota to coach a team there, but Slap Shot is one of the most iconic sports films of all time, and Dunlop was the star of the film.

We are very proud to welcome Reggie Dunlop to the Fictitious Athlete Hall of Fame!


Hanson Brothers
Slap Shot (1977)Charlestown Chiefs (forward line)

Let’s forget about the forgettable sequels shall we?

Slap Shot is without any doubt the most influential hockey movie of all time.  This cannot be disputed, and if it, that person is what we like to call, wrong!

The Hanson Brothers are the first inductees into the Fictitious Athlete Hall of Fame who are inducted as a group, and how can you separate them?  Played by three legitimate hockey players (David Hanson, Steve Carlson & Jeff Carson), the bespectacled trio were simpletons off of the ice and feared goons on it.

This was the group that brought popularity to the team and arguably to the movie itself.

They were the ones you quoted, the ones you remembered the most and the most enduring characters from the film.

It is with great pleasure that the Fictitious Athlete Hall of Fame inducts the Hanson Brothers!

Old time hockey!