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Due to Covidianism, the World Snooker Championship was delayed from its traditional April dates, to a Friday start. In the first round, there are three sessions a day, starting at 05:00 my time. I haven’t missed a shot (thank you DAZN and BBC). Sessions at 05:00, 09:30, and 14:00 doesn’t leave much free time. Throw in some sessions that run long, and there is often only a half hour spare between broadcasts. Add to that the re-start of the NHL season at six games a day, and my bum is sore and ‘fridge is empty. With very few spare moments to nip out for groceries and other essentials like hookers and whiskey, it is hard to keep up.

Yesterday, between matches, I was able to dash off to Loblaw’s. Finally got bread and fresh veggies. Oh, and I also broke down and renewed Yup, out came the olde Visa for another one year kick at it.


But, there are going to be changes. First of all, the site building software editing suite has been changed. Since I threatened ages ago to do a reset/refresh, now is probably the time to do it, what with me not having much choice. Also, there will no longer be any non-hockey stories. The site will become more of a ’boutique’, with one article every day or two and, time permitting, I may finally get back to writing stories such as Lettres de Denis or the Sunday Features.


The comments section is changing, too. Since no one wants to mod (mod me, especially), I’m going to introduce the disqus standard list of banned words, and slowly whittle it down over time. And if anyone becomes a regular and does not behave like me, they will be added as a mod.


Now, I know you are all thinking: “What about all of those stupid Apollo stories that I never read, or that other non-hockey crap you post?” Well listen, mister bad attitude, I’ll still be posting that and minor hockey stuff. This will all be on the Weebly HockeyChatca blog site that I whipped up a year ago along with this site. Eventually, I may transfer all of this to over there. Save myself the almost $100 a year.


Which brings me to another topic; I read about twenty to thirty hockey articles a day, and want to post them all, but I have to edit that list down. Sadly, I find all of these articles interesting. Most of you do not. So, if any of you wish to post stories on the blog, or here at, you are more than welcome. Just mail me at If one has a story idea one should enjoy being posted, mail it to me. I will do this once. After that, one must arrange with me to become a writer at the blog or here, or both. All are welcome.

Time for less serious stuff; for those of you paying attention, above I said “… a year ago, along with this site”. Yessirree Bob! This was to be the last day. Had the last page all planned, too. Was going to kick it off with a video. Is anyone able to tell me the significance to this video?: